Applying for

Cook Helper

at Bandung / Jakarta

Job Description :

- Responsible for several aspects of helping cooks, including caring for food safety, complying with predetermined SOPs, maintaining the quality of raw materials, carrying out the production preparation process properly, maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen area and carrying out Excellent Service according to Company Standards

- Prepare raw materials for ready-to-cook according to specified standards

- Take raw materials for cooking preparation with the FIFO system, pay attention to the arrival date label and expire date

- Choose quality and safe raw materials for consumption before being cooked by the cook

- Store raw materials at a safe temperature in a designated place, pay attention to storing raw and cooked food separately

Job Aplication Criteria :

- Maximum age 28  Years Old

- Minimum Education Senior High School / Vocational High School (Speciality Tourism, Hospitality, Catering, Preferred department)

- Work experience as Cook Helper for 1 years

- Good at cooking preparation techniques in a restaurant kitchen

- Able to help prepare raw materials to be cooked

- Good appearance

- Good in communication

- Complete Covid-19 Vaccine (Booster)